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Drawing Blanks


Hello thar!

I'm Tim, (also known as Timmah, ;D), and this is my icon journal you've stumbled across. I'm relatively new and inexperienced at icon crafting, but I've improved MASSIVELY over a two month's span of time, and plan to continue improving. I currently use Adobe's Photoshop Elements for any and all graphics work.

Generally I only icon my interests, (mostly anime and manga that I'm currently watching/reading), but I would be happy to take a request you might have. Requests are fun and challenging, so don't be shy. However, please be sure to read my instructions listed at the link on how to make one. =)

If you would like to friend this journal, you are most certainly welcome to do so! You don't have to ask, but if you wish to be friended back please notify me with a comment in one of my posts.


[x] Credit is appreciated, but not necessary.

I would love for you to credit my icons. I put a good deal of effort and heart into all of them, and would love to be recognized for that. BUT! I do realize that I use copyrighted art or fanart/doujinshi art in 95% of my icons, all of which I don't feel I have the right to request credit for.

BUT! There may be one or two occasions where I do request credit. This is when I use my own art for an icon. I will request the credit to the icon number IN THE ICON POST. I won't hunt you down or anything, but I would GREATLY appreciate if you did this. ;)

When crediting, please credit "timcons" in your userpic page's "comment" field.

[x] Please, do not alter any of my icons.

Again, I accept requests and love to do them. Simply visit my requests post to ask for alterations.

[x] No hotlinking!

Hotlinking rapes me of bandwidth. I do NOT like for that to happen, so please be kind and save these to upload to your own server.


[x] Although they are not required, comments are adored as well as USEFUL. =)

I encourage you to comment with the number of the icon(s) you are taking. This makes Tim feel warm and fuzzy as well as cluing me in as to what you guys like. If I know what you like, I can make more. So it's win/win, right? ^_^

[x] Until very recently I hadn't taken my iconning seriously. So I rarely, if ever, made proper notation of whose resources and/or artwork I used in my icons. I regret this now, and apologize to anyone offended by this.

I have amended as much as I can, but I know there are still discrepancies. Please, let me know if I have someone's work un-credited. I do NOT intend to inadvertently claim credit for ANYONE else's hard work. Thank you.


[x]colorfilter, amethystia, neke, letsboogie
braggadocio_org, propaganda_live, arisubox

[x]100x100_brushes, icongradients, icon_textures

[x]fanart: ryo_hakkai, senkou



another_icon_lj, shibuya7

LAYOUT BY wofl_iron & circe67