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being alive right now is all that counts - a lydia martin(/jackson) fst - teen wolf

Medium: TV
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Subject: Lydia Martin/Jackson Whittemore
Title: being alive right now is all that counts
Warnings: None.
Notes: An exploration of the somewhat dysfunctional relationship between Lydia and Jackson, with MAJOR emphasis on Lydia as a person. Because she's fucking awesome and deserves it.

Notes/My 2c/Rambling BS:

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Please, let me know if there are any issues.

Enjoy! <3
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gossiptrek au - ken_ichijouji - it's an empire state of mind (these streets will make you feel...)

...brand new! way to go self, making titles so long pete wentz would blush.

the following fst i made out of the blue, on the fly because if i didn't the damn thing was gonna drive me crazy. it's sad when you've got a story on the mind so much that while you're dusting the furniture, jamming to your ipod... that you can't stop formulating a list of possible fst tracks in your head.

thank you, dommi. :p

now here's the dl on this fic: it's called empire state of mind. it's gossip girl + nu!trek. and it is awesome.

i've never seen a single episode of gossip girl, read a single fic, or downloaded a single fst. i am as pure as freshly fallen snow when it comes to my gossip girl cherry. but dommi made that inconsequential. i love this fic to pieces and my gossip girl crazy friends do, too.

disclaimer: i am not morally opposed to gossip girl or anything. i just haven't ever seen it.

disclaimer part deux: THE ACCIDENTAL OST SONG IN THE FST IS ACCIDENTAL. i laughed so hard when dommi freaked out to-- whatever. here.

dommi|boldlyficcing> OMG
dommi|boldlyficcing> YOU USED SOUR FUCKING CHERRY
dommi|boldlyficcing> IT WAS USED IN GOSSIP GIRL
dommi|boldlyficcing> YOU MOTHER FUCKING GENIUS
epicbean> I HAD NO IDEA
epicbean> BUT HAHAH
dommi|boldlyficcing> I KNOW YOU DIDN'T
dommi|boldlyficcing> THAT'S WHAT MAKES IT AMAZING

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